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The first few years of your child's life is an extraordinary time, for both the parents and the child. It's an important foundation phase that will set the stage for your child's development in coming years. It is so important that we use these early stages to creatively assist our children to develop themselves to become confident and successful. After all, at Little Wonderland, we're building a community of happy, healthy and successful kids!

We offer a learning environment where our childrens days are filled with structured activities both indoors & outdoors. Our weeks are filled with specific themes where the children have various associated learning activities.

As well as our spacious classrooms and stunning playground our children are also kept healthy with nutritious meals through the day.

Our large playground offers a safe and stimulating environment. Our children will no doubt have a keen desire to explore and learn. They are guided to explore and respect our wonderful environment, plants and animals.

Our nursery school in Midrand will be opening on the 10th of January 2018. Kindly contact us to book your child's place or to get more details.

Our school year ends in the 2nd week of December (usually by the 15th of December). Prior to closing, our parents are treated to a closing function where our children have an opportunity to show off their singing, dancing and acting skills. There is also a graduation ceremony for our grade 'R's, who usually leave us to begin life in Big School.


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